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North and South Node Shift

North and South Node Shift

When you combine astrology with crystals, magical things can happen. In this blog series, we are going to be exploring how you can use the astrological energy to amplify your intentions with different crystal pairings. For this first post we are going to be navigating the energy of the Lunar Nodes shift that is happening on July 17th, 2023. 

The North and South are points astrologically that have to do with the orbit of the Moon. Energetically, the North Node represents your destiny and the energy you are trying to reach in this lifetime. While the South Node represents Karmic lessons we’ve already learned and this is also our comfort zone. So the goal with the Nodes is to move out of your comfort zone and towards your destiny. 

Personally, these would be calculated based on your specific Birth Chart from the day you were born. But collectively we look at where the Nodal transit is happening right now. 

So on July 17th the Nodes shifted from Taurus and Scorpio into Aries and Libra. This means that we will be feeling this energy in different ways and different areas of life. This is an 18 month transit so we will be working with this one for awhile. 

What does this mean exactly? It means that we should be embracing more of the Aries energy when we are looking at going after our goals and reaching for our destinies. It means that we should be letting go of our Libra tendencies that may hold us back from reaching this energy. We need to stop people pleasing and relying on our codependencies. We need to really look deep down and analyze what we personally want out of life. Not what others want for us, or what we think we should be doing. We need to align with our soul’s path and purpose in order to grow and evolve. This is how we unlock the next chapter and live in a higher vibrational more aligned space. 

Ok, now lets get to the good stuff. What crystals can you use to really utilize this energy?

For this astrological shift we really want to embrace the fieriness of the Aries energy. We want to light up our courage. If you’re into chakras, we want to be activating the Solar Plexus which houses our power. Crystals in the red, orange and yellow hues will work best for this energy. 

Some examples would be:

Carnelian- Stimulates courage and action. Restores motivation, energizes the soul. Helps turn dreams into reality. 

Tiger’s Eye- Good for intuition, courage and new beginnings. Helps to clear mental blocks and encourage focus on current issues. Linked to the energy of the Solar Plexus. 

Red Jasper- Promotes self-belief and the courage to act. Strengthening and life enhancing. Facilitates rebirth and new ideas.

Mookaite Jasper- Aids in building self-esteem and moving forward in life. Good for decision making, creativity and visualizing new perceptions or ideas.

Citrine- Good for decision making, creativity, awareness, problem solving, and bringing in abundance. Opens your mind to new possibilities and energizes all the chakras. 

Thank you so much for reading our first blog in this series! If you would like to shop some of the crystals we have, you can find some of the options above here. I highly recommend this Solar Plexus bracelet for daily wear to remind you that you contain infinite power and that you deserve to embrace the next, more abundant chapter. 

Also if you would like to know where you specifically have Aries and Libra in your chart and where this transit may effect you personally, head over here to order the Astrology Boost for this transit. 


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