Welcome to Clary Hollow! My name is Elaine Riley and I am the Owner, Maker and Head of Distribution at Clary Hollow LLC. Starting my own small business was born out of an obsession to provide my children and family with clean, healthy skincare. Having developed skin sensitivities myself led me to start researching ingredients in commercial products and my mind was blown by all the harsh chemicals that were added to everyday cosmetics, even those marketed towards children. 

And down the rabbit hole I went. What started as a need to provide my family with clean skincare became a passion to create better performing natural cosmetic products. I excelled beyond the information I could find through internet searches and enrolled in an Organic Formulation school out of the UK where skincare standards are stricter than here in the US. 

Researching the science of the skin, natural ingredients and how they will react with one another put all the pieces in place. Coupling science based facts and the creativity to piece together nature to produce safe and effective non-toxic skincare is where our brand, Clary Hollow is centered. 

Thank you so much for coming to check us out here at Clary Hollow! If you have any questions or would like to sign up for our VIP mailing list, feel free to email me at elaine@claryhollow.com.