Grounded Spirit Guide Program

I'm excited to announce that I am now taking on clients for my Grounded Spirit Guide program!

This program is a personalized astrology and spiritual experience that uses your birth chart and intuitive guidance to provide you with weekly energetic updates. These updates will help you to understand how to use your personal astrology to align with the energy of the week. Not only will this help you use astrology and energy to your advantage but it will also provide a form of accountability and connection. 


  • An initial 60-90 minute meeting over zoom or in person that will include a full deep dive into your birth chart and an overview of the astrology of the year and how it affects you based on your birth chart. 
  • A set of 7 crystals to work with that are intuitively picked for your energy. 
  • A weekly energetic update tailored to your specific birth chart. This will be voice messaged to you every Tuesday via Voxer (a voice messaging app).
  • Any intuitive hits or messages I have throughout the week for you. 
  • The ability to message me via Voxer with any questions you have or with anything you could use some spiritual guidance on. Messages will be answered within 24 hours in most cases. 
  • To provide the best guidance possible, this option has a minimum 3 month commitment.

Interested in learning more? Follow the link below: