My Reiki Journey

My Reiki Journey

It’s been almost a year exactly since I took my first Reiki Certification class and this past weekend I had a full circle moment, in which I had my first student and officially became a Reiki Master Teacher. That student is my dear friend who I originally took my Reiki I class with. Life circumstances and scheduling conflicts made it impossible for her to continue her certifications last year but I believe the Universe had a plan all along. It was an amazing moment that I couldn’t be more thankful to share with not only her, but my own Reiki Master Teacher and mentor as well. 

In honor of this moment I wanted to share a little bit about my own Reiki Journey and how it led me to teaching this year. 

I did not go into my first Reiki class with any inkling of how much it would transform my life over the next year. I took the class with my friend- who I knew without hesitation should be practicing Reiki. I love to learn new things and always had an interest in it, so when she mentioned the class I thought why not? Mainly I was thinking I would be there for fun and moral support. I never imagined becoming a Reiki practitioner myself, let alone a Master or Teacher. It wasn’t even on my radar a little bit. 

My Reiki I was a very intense experience to say the least. I went through so many things in our class meditations that had me second guessing everything. I even had an ancestor come in and give me what’s called a Heart Fire (which I’ll write a separate blog on because it was pretty wild). Needless to say I left that class wide open and with a whole new perspective on energy.

 Come to find out, I had been doing energy work all along but never realized it. I would put bubbles of energy around me and my loved ones. When I sent someone prayers and good vibes I literally would send energy to them. So the process of Reiki was familiar to me. The difference was that Reiki uses Source energy, and I was using my own energy before. Which is not only exhausting but can be hard to control as well. Especially when it comes to protecting yourself against others energy. That’s kind of where the Heart Fire came into play. I got to a point where I was a little bit too good at protecting my energy. So much so that I was not letting any energy into my bubble, good or bad. 

 Reiki energy is something that’s so hard to explain but once you really connect with it, it’s so powerful. It comes directly from Source, which is full of unconditional love and operates at a much higher frequency. Reiki has helped me with so many things personally but the most prominent one being my anxiety. I have such a different outlook on things and trust my energy and intuition more. Don’t get me wrong, I still have moments of worry and doubt and spiraling thoughts but they are much less intense and farther in between than before. 

 I decided to take my Reiki II as soon as my Reiki I integration ended. I was intrigued by learning the symbols and how they help to amplify this new superpower I had. The meditations for this class were still intense but much more manageable. I was mastering my own energy and connecting easier to Source and my Spirit Guides. 

 I remember having a vision in my last Reiki II attunement where I was out in public with people all around me. I was glowing with loving, white light and everyone else was just drab and blah feeling. I kept looking around wondering why everyone else didn’t know that they could glow too. That they could have this superpower energy. They just had to tap into it. That vision would be the spark that opened me up to sharing my experiences, messages and energy updates online in a public space. I was so nervous to start doing this but I also wanted to help people heal and grow themselves as much as I had.

 Fast forward to me meeting my Reiki Master Teacher, Beth Blair. I met her not long after my Reiki II and she was the first person that I talked to that had a similar, intense Reiki integration experience. Talking to her opened up so many conversations on energy and how to use it and how to work with it. She’s the one that prompted me to pursue my Reiki Master Certification- mind you she was not even teaching at this time. She had stopped teaching before I even met her. The more I talked with her, the more I valued the way she looked at energy work in general, so I asked if she would consider coming out of her teaching hiatus to do my Master Class. And she did. It was an amazing experience that felt so expansive but also had me feeling at home in my new energy upgrade. Working together in that capacity led us to realize how in sync our energy was and that had her inviting me to start co-teaching Reiki classes with her this year. After my hesitation cleared, because I had to overthink it a little first (cue the imposter syndrome and the “I’m not good enough yet” thoughts). One thing that I kept going back to was the vision I had in my Reiki II. I had the realization that I could literally teach people to light themselves up and find their own superpowers.  

So here we are. I have now officially started my Reiki teaching journey with Beth and we are so excited to be offering both Reiki I & II classes as well as Reiki Master classes. All are in Usui/Holy Fire II which is a evolution of the original version of Usui Reiki.