Clary Hollow LLC

Solar Return/Birthday Astrology Reading


Did you know your birth chart takes on a different flavor every year? When the Sun comes back to the same exact point that it was when you were born, that is called your Solar Return. This happens around your birth day each year. Your Solar Return Chart can tell you what areas may be of focus this coming year, how your energy may shift and what areas you may want to work on for the upcoming year. It can also bring to light areas that may be more challenging for you and what to be aware of going into the energy of the year.

While this product is best done over zoom or in person, it can also be emailed in written format as well. After purchase, just email with your birth info (I'll need your time, date and place for this) as well as how you'd like to receive the report. You can email that info to

Turnaround time is 10-15 business days after I receive your information.