Clary Hollow LLC

Prehnite with Epidote Crystal Bracelet


Prehnite is a stone of unconditional love and said to be the stone that heals the healer. Making this a great stone for energy workers. It enhances the visualization process and induces deep meditations that can connect you to your spirit guides. It helps to attune you to the divine energies, show you the path forward to your spiritual growth, and expands you into higher levels of awareness. Prehnite is also a gentle facilitator of transformation, promoting serenity and inner peace. 

This bracelet is a standard 7 inch size and stretchy with a 6mm bead size. 

Each bracelet is unique so the colors and patterns will vary slightly with each piece. 

These crystals are not meant to heal serious ailments or illnesses. Please consult your Dr. with any health concerns.