Clary Hollow LLC

Fluorite Crystal Leaf


Fluorite is definitely a favorite here at Clary Hollow!

It has so many cool properties and it’s one we can’t get enough of. It’s known as “the Stone of Discernment and Aptitude.” It increases the ability to concentrate while balancing the positive and negative energies in the mind. It can also discourage disruptive and disorganized growth and helps to bring order to chaos. It eliminates negative energy in a room and transmutes it into positive, loving light energy. Fluorite also helps us to see the truth behind the illusion and the reality of a situation so we can create an unbiased and impartial view of things. 


Colors may vary slightly due to monitor and screen variations. 

These crystals are not meant to heal serious ailments or illnesses. Please consult your Dr. with any health concerns.