Clary Hollow LLC

February Crystal Box Plus Astrology Boost


February is a big month Astrology wise! We have some shifts going on including a big one with the Chinese New Year, or the Lunar New Year. Each Chinese New Year the energy switches from one animal to another. We are switching from the year of the Rabbit into the year of the Dragon. That is a big shift in energy and the crystal for this month's box encapsulated that. Order yours now to embrace the Year of the Dragon and what it has to offer you!

This option includes an Astrology Boost for the whole month of February that will be emailed to you at the beginning of the month. In this write up you'll find out what major astrology transits are happening and how they may affect you according to your specific birth chart. I will need your birth date, time and place for this. 

Each box includes:

- 1 unique crystal based on the astrology and the energy for the month ahead.

- An explanation on what the crystal is, why it was chosen, and how to work with it. 

- An intuitively pulled tarot card print out and how it relates to the energy of the month.

- There will also be a discount code included to use on any order in February.

All Crystal Box orders placed before January 26th will ship out by January 31st.

Shipping is included in the price of this box.