Clary Hollow LLC

Family Moon Sign Astrology Reading


Moon signs are an important part of your astrological make up. It represents your emotions, how you feel things, what makes you feel seen and loved. For children it's arguably the most important part of their chart. The Moon often represents our inner child and what we may have needed as children to feel loved. 

This Astrology Reading option will include an emailed document that includes individual explanations of your Moon signs. It will also explain how their energy may be interpreted and what they need based on the placement of the Moon in their Birth Chart. This reading is for up to 5 family members. If you would like a reading for more, email me for an updated price. 

For this product I will need everyone's birth date, time and place. You can email them to me after your purchase to 

This reading is for your own immediate family members. If there is another adult that you are including in your reading, please have their permission for me to look at their chart. 

This is not a physical product. It is a digital product that will be emailed to you. Turnaround time is 10-15 business days after I receive your information. 

Please be aware that this reading is not professional psychological or medical advise or evaluation. The information given during this reading should not be used to make any psychological or medical decisions without the help of trained professionals.