Clary Hollow LLC

Find Your Power Crystal Set


This set includes specially curated crystals to help you find your power and insight courage into your life. 

Crystals included are a tumbled carnelian agate, a clear quartz point and a tigers eye moon. 

Tigers Eye: A powerful stone that promotes courage, strength, and protection. It can help to bring clarity to your thoughts allowing you to make decisions with confidence. It encourages you to take action and is great to use when you need to stay focused and motivated. It is also believed to help to bring good luck while attracting wealth and abundance.

Carnelian Agate: Provides a strong but tender energy that helps to protect against fear and envy. It can help to increase physical energy, personal power, creativity and compassion. 

Clear Quartz: Known as the Stone of Power. It is said that clear quartz can bring the energy of the stars into the soul and will purify, enhance and protect your aura. It can also be used to amplify the energy of other crystals it's paired with.

Colors, sizes and shapes of exact crystals may vary due to the nature of the crystals. 

These crystals are not meant to heal serious ailments or illnesses. Please consult your Dr. with any health concerns.