Clary Hollow LLC

Raw Amethyst Crystal Clusters


These beautiful amethyst crystals are a powerful spiritual tool that can help you access higher states of consciousness and connect with the divine. Its deep purple hue is said to be a symbol of spiritual wisdom and protection, and its calming energy is perfect for meditation and spiritual exploration. It can help to open and activate the third eye and crown chakras, allowing you to access inner wisdom and clarity. This crystal can also be used to cleanse and purify your energy, helping to clear away negative and stagnant energies and open up your energy field. With its powerful energy and spiritual symbolism, this amethyst crystal is the perfect companion for your spiritual journey.

This listing is for one intuitively chosen crystal. 

Colors may vary slightly due to monitor and screen variations. 

These crystals are not meant to heal serious ailments or illnesses. Please consult your Dr. with any health concerns.