Clary Hollow

Coffee Under Eye Oil Moisturizer


Give yourself something to smile about the moment you look in the mirror and you’ll be able to enjoy the energizing touch of pure coffee essential oil morning, noon and night. By working to soothe puffiness and inflammation, your skin’s latest addition will gently tighten and nourish the skin so you look like you’ve slept right through the night without a worry in the world. What more could you wish for…

  • Crafted with nothing but natural ingredients to elevate your skin the right way
  • Built on a base of Vitamin E, hemp seed and rose hip oils, just for you
  • Enriched with coffee essential oil to add light and energy back into your eyes 
  • Free from all the nasties: no sulfates, parabens, detergents, or phthalates

Ingredients: Rose Hip Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Coffee Essential Oil, Vitamin E