Clary Hollow LLC

2024 Crystal Box


It's been a bit since we released a Crystal Box and I wanted to start 2024 off with a special one. This specific box will contain a selection of 9 tumbled crystals. Because 2024 is an 8 year, 8 will be collectively chosen plus one intuitively chosen crystal for each person. I wanted these to be smaller ones that you can carry around with you and have on hand to help you work with all of the energy happening in 2024. 

Each box includes:

- 9 small tumbled crystals based on the astrology and the energy for the year ahead.

- An explanation on what the crystals are, why they were chosen, and when to work with them throughout the year. 

- The tarot card for the year and how it relates to the energy of 2024.

- There will also be a discount code included to use on any order in 2024.

All Crystal Box orders placed before January 10th will ship out by January 12th.