Clary Hollow LLC

July Crystal Box



There are 2 crystals in this months crystal box because I couldn't pick between the two so I ordered both to get a feel for which was best. Once I got them in though I knew immediately that they were meant to be used together. I will give a hint on this one that it is water/ocean themed. Both the crystals are a little harder to find but so worth the energy to work with. 

Each box includes:

- 2 unique crystals based on the astrology and the energy for the month ahead

- An explanation on what the crystals are, why they were chosen, and how to work with them

- An intuitively pulled tarot card print out and how it relates to the energy of the month

- There will also be a discount code included to use on any order in July

All Crystal Box orders placed before June 31st will ship out by July 1st. 

Shipping is included in the price of this box.